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You must belong to the 101st Airborne Division Association in order to join the Alamo Eagles Chapter, after all we are just a Chapter of the National organization. If you do not already belong to the 101st Airborne Division Association, not a problem. Our membership application contains two sides: National and Alamo Eagles Chapter.


How to Join


1. Use the "Membership Application" button below to download the combined National and Alamo Eagles Chapter Membership Application.


2. Print the applications (Print double sided if you want).


3. Read and complete the Alamo Eagles Chapter Membership Application before looking at the National Application.

● f you are a member of National already, it short cuts the whole process as the National Membership Application does not get filled out. (We don’t want you to complete it and then find out you wasted your time.)


NOTE: If you are a member of National, but do not know your membership number, you may submit the

Chapter Application without it. We will contact National Headquarters to get it for you.


● If you are not a member of National, you must join National to join the Alamo Eagles Chapter as, again, we are a subordinate part of it.

>> Complete the National Membership Application.

>> Attach the documentation required by the National Membership Application, if you are filling it out.


NOTE: The National Application explains why they need the documentation (IRS) and what is acceptable.

Generally, the document must say 101st Airborne Division on it.


4. Attach a check to cover the dues for both organizations if joining both at once or just for the Alamo Eagles Chapter. Two checks if joining both would be more helpful, but we will work with one.


5. Hard copy mail to the Secretary, whose address is on the application. (We are too small to have a credit card operation, which is why hard copy has to be used.)


NOTE: We do not take partially completed applications, except when the National member number is the only missing item.


Click the following link for a down loadable combined National and Alamo Eagles Chapter Membership Application:


Membership Application

Adobe Reader required to view Membership Application.

If you do not have it, download by clicking the button below:

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